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 Jack will be graduating Magna Cum Laude from DePaul University on November 22nd, 2011!
Congratulations, Jack, on your accomplishment!


Welcome to my hall of fame. This is a my way of saying "Thank you" to all of the teachers that I have enjoyed and that have made a difference in my life. The list below is divided into two categories. The first one is a list of teachers. The second one just contains a list of people that have made a difference that aren't necessarily teachers.
All-Stars in the Field of Education
All- Stars in the Field of Life
CHS Special Education Dept.
Laith al-Saud
Nancy Behm
Nancy Berggren
Dr. Michael Bauer
Nancy Brown
Paolo Bombe
Carol Casey
Timothy Cannon
Dr. Michael Frey
Darlene Carter
Debbie Gennardo

Carol Cermak

Larry Lock

Vicki Chriske

De. Michelle Metrick
Denise Clouser
Dr. Rajan K. Raj
Pam Colburn
 Dr.Enayatolla Rezvani
Suha Dajani
Marda Dunsky
Dale Rohrbach
Georgia Emma
Joseph Shabalala
Ocelia Faye Harris
Donald Fletcher
James D. Johnson
Jane Freeman
Bob Swyter
Douglas Giles
Herr Reinhard Taylor
Julie Goolish
Janette Wanner
Stephanie Grande
Laurel Grogger
Sheila Gummerson
Ocelia Faye Harris
Joanne Hartmann
Katie L. Houts
Alice Hove

Lynne Kalberg

Bill Killinger
Diana Johannessen
Trudy Lane
Keith D. Lange
Dr. Aminah Beverly McCloud
Carol Metzke
Eva Michalski

Dr. Richard Middleton-Kaplan

Kevin Mogge
David Moravek
Dr. Sharon Nagy
Kurt Neumann

Nicole Naujokas

Grace Nocula

Dr. William Pankey


Susan Peterson

Kathryn Petersdorf
Jennifer Placek
Marcie Raymond
Cynthia Roth
Mary Salee
Dr. Joseph Socki
John Snyder
Judith Strohmeyer
Peggy Swyter
Vaishali Tajpuria
Henry Thiele

Denise Tumbarello

Barbara Zenner
Michael Zucher


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