By: Jack Donehey-Nykiel


Fouad I-first King of Egypt

Farouk I-His son, soon to become king

Fawzia I-Farouk I¹s daughter

Fouad II-Farouk I¹s son

Wazir(s)-Advisor(s) to King Farouk I (number option of director)

Gamal Abd-el-Nasser-Head general of the army

Hosni Mubarak-Another

Mullah #1-A Mullah who was an aide to Farouk I and Fouad I

Mullah #2-Another, ran Farouk¹s children¹s personal Madrassah (Islamic



(the scene is the royal bedchamber of the Egyptian Royal Palace. FOUAD I is dying on his bed. FAROUK¹S sister, princess FAWZIA, as well as his WIVES are weeping over the dying body of FOUAD I)

FOUAD I-I doth hereby bequeath the throneŠunto my only son, Farouk, and to my daughter, Fawzia.

MULLAH #1-O, Sayyid! May¹st thou beeth welcom¹d by God with open arms! For thou hast brought Egypt unto a state of glory not seen since the days of the dynasty of Abbas!

MULLAH #2-God blesseth thee!

FOUAD I-And so now I doth thus die! (dies).

(The IMAM and MULLAHS lift the lifeless body of FOUAD I and put it into a coffin. FAROUK I, the IMAM, PRINCE FOUAD II, PRINCESS FAWZIA I, and the MULLAHS go to address the crowd).

IMAM-O people! O Egyptians! Thy belovéd king and ruler, the venerable Fouad I, hath just died. Let us mourneth him.

(they take a moment of silence to remember their belovéd ruler).

MULLAH #1-Now, prince Farouk I will now be officially crowned Khalifa of our great land, and Princess Fawzia our queen! All hail King Farouk I!

TOWNSPEOPLE-All Hail King Farouk I!

MULLAH #2-All hail Queen Fawzia I!


(enter GAMAL ABD-EL-NASSER and HOSNI MUBARAK, stage right)

GAMAL ABD-EL-NASSER-(aside) O would that there were no oppression! O would that we were rich!

HOSNI MUBARAK-(aside) O would that we had not such a worldly king! O would that he followed righteous Islam!

(All of a sudden, upon looking, GAMAL ABD-EL-NASSER and HOSNI MUBARAK notice each other, and realize their mutuality of thought).

GAMAL ABD-EL-NASSER-(grabbing HOSNI MUBARAK by the arm excitedly) O my friend! Seest thou it surely as I doth?

HOSNI MUBARAK-Yea, good sir! Farouk doth be a tyrant and must beeth o¹erthrown!

GAMAL ABD-EL-NASSER-I shalt formulateth a plan of revolution the next time we doth meet. Salaam!


(Exit HOSNI MUBARAK stage right).

GAMAL ABD-EL-NASSER-(aside) O, this night and day be the night and day of all nights and days! Our revolution shalt cometh to pass, and thou, O Farouk, thou inhuman dog, shalt ne¹er seeth again honor¹s glorious light, but instead shalt feeleth as we commoners doth---yea---a king on the outside looking in! (To the audience) Now, good audience, ye shalt seeth how a revolutionary doth make his mark!

(Enter SOLDIERS, stage right and left)

SOLDIERS-Ye doth say that ye planneth to o¹erthroweth the Khalifa? We shalt doeth so gladly! Hayya-l-Misr! (Long Live Egypt!).

(They, along with many others, sneak up to the royal palace. They fire gunshots in the air, shouting pro-democratic slogans, actors must improvise; they can be in Arabic or English; it doesn¹t matter).

PALACE GUARDS-(shooting at the rebels)

(The REBELS storm the palace)

FAROUK I-What shalt I doeth?

WAZIR #1-I doth think that thou shouldst abdicate.

WAZIR #2-I doth think that thou shouldst keepeth on fighting!

FAROUK I-Then I doth know what I shalt doeth. I shalt abdicateth, but giveth the throne unto mine infant son, Fouad II!

(walks onto the balcony)

FAROUK I-I doth hereby give the throne unto my young son King Fouad II! And if ye liketh not that, tough beans!

GAMAL ABD-EL-NASSER-(aside) Nay, Prince Fouad be prince no more, and ne¹er shalt he [beeth] the king,, for tyranny doth lead unto death!

MULLAH #2-(aside) Yea, but a noble death! A death for the glorious nation, which thou didst ruleth! (kneeling) God, welcometh unto thy grace the most noble King Farouk I of Egypt, who hath for his nation died and by way of the strength that wast by thee upon him most righteously bestowed!

(One of the other REBELS stabs MULLAH #2 in the back with a sword and MULLAH
#2 dies)

(Exeunt omnes).


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